A Silent Drama with Mysterious Masks with roots predating those of Noh.
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Traditional Entertaining Performing Arts
Traditional popular entertainments especially for children.
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Tsugaru-shamisen play out rhythm and melody, high and low pitches.
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Okinawan Court Dance
Okinawa, is a real treasury of classic and folk performing arts.
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Gagaku is classical music that has been performed at the Imperial Court .
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Japanese drum project A “Himukashi”
Is a drumming collective that is highly praised in the world.
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横浜市 神奈川区 富家町 1-13
スカイハイツトーカイ 2005
TEL: 045-434-1551
JR 東神奈川駅 より徒歩3分
京浜急行本線仲木戸駅 より徒歩5分
東急東横線東白楽駅下車 徒歩10分 Map