Japanese drum project A “Himukashi”
A member of this unit has chosen by professional drumming collective that represents Japan. Impression and the marvel are given to not only Japan but also people in many parts of the world by the rhythm of Japan. Four musicians have acquired it from the traditional performance method to the modern performance method. Their performances put together and have the amusement and artistry. It is a crystal of "Power and beauty" and "Response and motion". Moreover, movement to be reminiscent of the beauty of the Japanese traditional dance is found to a powerful music character.

“Futten” Concert in India in 2009

横浜市 神奈川区 富家町 1-13
スカイハイツトーカイ 2005
TEL: 045-434-1551
JR 東神奈川駅 より徒歩3分
京浜急行本線仲木戸駅 より徒歩5分
東急東横線東白楽駅下車 徒歩10分 Map